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You planned and saved for this trip, scheduled vacation time, and arranged for a pet sitter, but what about the unexpected storm that caused the airport to close and your flight to be cancelled. Lost luggage? An accident? Whether you’re traveling for a two-week trip to Europe, snowboarding for week in Tahoe or rafting the Grand Canyon, you’ll want to consider getting travel insurance to protect your travel investment.


Depending on the policy, travel insurance may provide for a wide range of coverage such as: ­­­­trip costs due to cancellations or interruptions, trip delays due to lost or stolen passports, injury, sickness, natural disasters, baggage delays, lost or stolen sports equipment and personal effects, etc.


Travel insurance is optional, however, we recommend purchasing travel insurance for trips with a significant expense.


Here is a list of travel insurance websites for you to consider:

The following travel insurance site may also be useful for trip insurance comparisons:
IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to read the list of coverages and exceptions. For example, travel insurance won’t cover a COVID cancellation unless one actually contracts the disease.

Disclaimer: S’no Joke Ski Club recommends trip insurance but DOES NOT profit in any way from the purchase of it by our membership.  Members are responsible for their own travel insurance purchases and policies.  Travel insurance is not available for purchase on the club website.