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Passing the Gavel

Tracy Recknor  | Published on 6/1/2018
As your new past president, I want to thank everyone on the board and all the volunteers in 2017 and 2018. A big thank you goes out to retiring board members, Bill Becroft (Past President), Marcia Green (Historian), Barbara Otterson (Membership Director) and Pamela Willoughby (Social Director). 

A special thank you to Bill Becroft for his many years of leadership and enthusiasm for steering the board in a positive direction. 

We thank Barbara for her upbeat approach to keeping our members connected and fielding many membership questions over the years that were well above her pay grade. Thank you, Barbara, we will miss your presence on the board and look forward to seeing you at club functions.

Another big thank you to Pamela Willoughby for jumping in, shaking up our socials and getting the word out to members to join in. Your fun-loving spirit continues on in our socials. See you at many more.

A New Board Begins

This year's new board members include Don Guerin (President), Keith Johnson (Membership Director) and Julie Byington (Sports Director.) 

Bill Feeley (Communications Director), Lezlie Gibbs (Secretary), and Kathy Kearney (Treasurer) are continuing in their respective roles. Ellen Mohl, continues on as Vice President and chair of the Ski Committee. Craig Johnston picks up the reigns as Historian, and Kary York transitions from co-Vice President to Social Director. Each of these board members bring to us their special talents and provide our board with continuity as we move forward. 

It is now June and a new board begins. I will continue on as past president and look forward to a brand-new year filled with opportunity for this club. 

Welcome to all the new members and looking forward to some very active summer events and upcoming ski trips in 2018 and 2019.

Thank you, 
Tracy Recknor, Past President

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