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Comparing Multiple-Resort Season Ski Passes for 2018-2019

Nancy Reid  | Published on 6/5/2018

Yes, it’s the beginning of summer and you’re enjoying biking, hiking and water sports. All the warm-weather sports and activities are keeping you occupied and snow skiing next winter is far from your mind. But hold up there! It’s time to make decisions about where you want to be skiing when the weather turns colder. The question you should be asking yourself right now is… which ski pass do I buy? Long gone are the days of simply buying a season pass to your favorite or local ski area. Today, the options are many and varied. Buying ski passes offer many opportunities to purchase a single ski pass which is good at multiple ski areas. Not only do these passes bundle resorts and offer savings, some provide extra benefits and… you may even be able to recover the initial cost of the pass if you plan to ski often. 

If you’ve tried to check this out for yourself online, you’ve probably noticed how confusing and overwhelming this can be. The intent of this article is to help consolidate some of this information, provide helpful links and hopefully, assist you in solving the dilemma of which ski pass to purchase.

The major players in the bundled ski pass arena are:

  • Epic Pass
  • IKON Pass
  • Mountain Collective
  • Powder Alliance

  • Here are a couple links that provide a good analysis and comparison of these passes.  (great info & comparisons)  (links to several ski pass news articles)

    Check out the website for each pass as they offer many different types of passes that might not be covered in these links. For example, some offer 
  • Base price passes
  • Military passes
  • Dependent passes
  • Senior
  • Youth/student passes

  • Also, “Google” some of these different types of passes as some are not readily apparent on the websites. If you plan to ski locally, it would be beneficial to check out your chosen ski area’s website as they often offer discounted deals, such as the EDGE Card at Whistler and other local passes.