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Payment Pending Reminders on Website

Published on 7/10/2018

When you sign up for a club trip, you will receive payment reminders each time you login into the S’no Joke website. Receiving one of these reminders does not mean you have a payment that is past due. The reminders are there just to let you know that there is a remaining balance due on your trip.

Payment Popup Message-400x136

To make a payment, you can either:

  1. Choose Yes, I want to make a Payment and go directly to the Pending Payment screen, or
  2. Go to your Profile and then to the Pending Payment screen.

Member Profile Screen

Please Note: If you just made a partial payment on your trip, the popup message will continue to appear as a reminder that there are payments due in the future. It does not mean that your payment hasn’t been received.

If you would like to dismiss this reminder message, you can do so by choosing the No, I won’t Pay Now button.