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Wimpy Bike Ride to 192 Brewing

 | Published on 8/14/2018

Woodinville, Seattle, Kenmore - the Wimpy Riders will not be deterred from their destination! Even though the ride was titled “Wimpy”, this group had a hankering for more miles. Most riders rode past the brewery, returning to the brewery with plenty of time to cool off with a cold beverage before the music began. A couple riders put in extra miles before the ride…and, (drum roll) the “Distance Award” goes to Diane who rode all the way from Wallingford to join us at the brewery!


The sunny afternoon provided the perfect setting for listening to blues music and chatting with friends. A couple different bands were enjoyed by the group, highlighted by the band with the harmonica and sax players. The dancers amongst us didn’t hesitate to kick up a little dust dancing to the tunes. Overall, a good time was had and the cry of “let’s do it again soon” was uttered by many.

2108 August Wimpy Bike Ride