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S'noJoke Golf Starts Tuesday, April 9th!!!

 | Published on 4/8/2019


Hi S’noJoke Golfers,

Time to dust off the clubs and get ready for another season of fun golf.


1st outing: April 9th, Willows Run - Eagle Talon at 10AM (See website). The course is in great shape for this early in the season.


Come join us most Tuesdays around 10AM at Willows Run in Redmond. On the first Tuesday of each month we play other 'local' courses. ……… If you're retired, have a flexible work schedule or just want to skip work, come have fun with us. Bill Feeley and Ray Reass do a great job in organizing these events.


I hope to have many more weekend golf events this year. If you're interested in planning or have put on a golf event, call or email me. .... otherwise, I'll call you.


Check out the S'no Joke website and golf info. Home page, golf link on the left. .... I'll keep this current so you know what's happening.


NOTE: S'no Joke Golf is for players of all levels both Members and non-members.


Think sunshine!!

Randy Sherwood

Relaxing On the Deck

Barb-and-Robin Wrap it Up!